The founding of Change the Frame is the story of a group of entirely ordinary young people, each with a large social conscience, stumbling their way through the founding a not-for-profit organisation.
humble beginnings
Here at Change the Frame we like to think that change happens when a person sees the world for what it could be, but understands it for what it is. It begins when that person realises that they don't agree with what is happening today, so they decide to work for a better tomorrow.
Our program is built around this very premise - that by showing people the reality of today and helping them envision the dream of tomorrow, they can help make it a reality.
We envision a future without prejudice and inequality. A world where anyone can succeed regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. The thing about imagining a better future is that at some point you stop waiting for someone else to make it happen and decide to take action. So after dreaming of a better tomorrow for what often feels like forever, we chose to do something to try and make our dream a reality.

Now, this decision to "do something" was not as romantic as it might seem. We only decided to do something after months of procrastinating the decision and discussing every possible reason to not go forward with it. But eventually the pros outweighed the cons and in August 2017 in a Thai restaurant, Change the Frame stopped being just a concept to be debated and instead it became something that we were actively going to invest our time (and sometimes money) in.
Change starts at home, it begins in our community, with our youth. One individual is never going to bring about world peace, or end global gender inequality. Instead, it happens when lots of individuals work together and individually to bring about change. The most effective and long-lasting change occurs when we think globally, but act locally.
Giver of caffeine induced motivational speeches (that don't always go somewhere) & co-founder
an idea begins to form
We believe that one of the most significant obstacles to change is a simple lack of awareness or a misconception surrounding the issue in question. In our case that issue is general misunderstandings surrounding privilege, oppression and inequality.
Change the Frame was ultimately born out of a need to create a safe space to explore any misconceptions or ideas surrounding these ideas with trained highly knowledgeable facilitators.
Discussions surrounding feminism, gender and masculinity have become highly controversial in recent years. The almost aggressive nature of those involved in these discussion has further stifled change-making dialogue. We want to change that by facilitating non-confrontational conversations with people on the issues surrounding privilege, oppression and inequality. You can read more about our workshops here!
We chose to focus on discussion-based workshops because in our opinion no one's mind has ever been genuinely changed through a confrontational encounter. Minds are changed when people can have their own "ah-ha" moments. We want to facilitate that experience, not force it. Hence why we chose to take a holistic, community focussed approach to solving the problem of global gender inequality.
Giver of calming reassuring (albeit slightly pessimistic) speeches that it will all work out in the end & founding member & co-founder
Through our workshops, we plan to chip away at the issue of social injustice by changing minds, one individual at a time.
our mission becomes clear enough to tweet
#changetheframe is on a #mission is to start conversations surrounding privilege, oppression and inequality and provide young people with the tools to critically analyse the world around them so they can be empowered to tackle all kinds of social injustice.
Our mission is what guides our decisions regarding the projects we pursue and how we engage with schools and students. It is something that we regularly return to. Having a clear mission to point to is so important when you have new people regularly joining your team - it let's them know from day one what our purpose at Change the Frame truly is.
The voice of reason and order in a manic sea of new ideas & co-founder
our values take shape
When we were first trying to determine the kind of organisation we wanted to be, we ended up holding a meeting to brainstorm our values and mission. It ended pretty quickly once it became evident that everyone was already on the same page about what we wanted to be as an organisation.
Endless supplier of support and faith in the vision and the (slightly insane) people executing that vision & founding member
Change the Frame stops being just an idea
No one tells you about all the paperwork and research that comes with founding a not for profit. From deciding to incorporate to writing a constitution to registering for an ABN. Founding Change the Frame has not been a painless process. But each of this (highly frustrating) moments is what has made Change the Frame feel like a legitimate organisation. Something which is hard to achieve when you are run entirely by volunteers under the age of 30.
I think it was only after I paid almost $200 to become incorporated in the ACT did I feel like this was a real thing that I couldn't just back out of. When I received the letter in the mail confirming that we had been approved as an incorporated organisation, I remember almost crying. This was real - this dream (that only sometimes felt half-baked) had started to become a reality. We were finally on our way.
Still wondering what on earth she is doing 95% of the time & co-founder
Our first non-founding team member to join the team is what made Change the Frame feel really real. It was extremely validating to know that this was something that other people wanted to be a part of. Something other people (outside of the original five) believed in. We have new team members joining semi-regularly, and each time we are just as excited as when our first joined. Because it reminds us that Change the Frame isn't just one person's story or organisation, it's something that anyone who wants to create change can be part of.
thank you
Of course, there were so many people who helped made Change the Frame what it is today and influenced us on our journey. There are so many of them that we couldn't just summarise everyone into one paragraph, we had to give them a full page!
Change the Frame acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia, their diversity, histories and knowledge and their continuing connections to land, water and community. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and to Elders past, present and emerging.